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Rabbit Pearl Vibrator
Jessica Rabbit
Romping Rabbit
Water Bunny
Mini Rabbit Vibrator
Ravenous Rabbit
Nixe Silicone Rabbit
Paulchen Silicone Rabbit
Slimline Decadence
Ultra 7 Vibrator
Blue Dolphin Vibrator


Let us know about your rabbit. Each month the best new review wins a prize.

Email your review to ilovemyrabbit@ukrabbitvibrators.co.uk and remember to let us know which rabbit you have......

"My friend bought one and was completely speechless! I tried it and have never experienced anything like it in my life - if you don't have one, get one!" (Rabbit Pearl Vibrator)

"My boyfriend bought me the Rabbit Pearl Vibrator. The biggest mistake he ever made." (Rabbit Pearl Vibrator)

"I couldn't stop laughing the first time I used it - I couldn't believe how bloody good it was - buy one!!" (Rabbit Pearl Vibrator)

"Naughty rabbit - the vibrating ears had my eyes rolling in their sockets. A little lube may be needed at first" (Jessica Rabbit)


"OMGGGGGG im making it my mission in life to get every woman to buy one. This is brilliant!!! But dont do what i did but work ur way up to the fast speed else u`ll explode" (Jessica Rabbit)


"I have tried standard vibrators in the past and been disappointed and to be honest had pretty much given up on getting any satisfaction from anything that wasn't human. But my husband being away for 5 weeks has called for desperate measures! My Rabbit Pearl Vibrator arrived this morning and I have already had 3 mind blowingly satisfying sessions with it and am looking forward to the fourth. I have also just emailed my husband to tell him not to rush back - I'm doing fine without him now.

Every woman should have one of these and I am thinking of putting a bulk order in for Xmas for my closest friends. Do the nicest thing for yourself ever and buy yourself one of these!
" (Rabbit Pearl Vibrator) Lotte

"I'd heard loads about Rabbit vibrators but hadn't really considered buying one until my best friend got one for her birthday and told me I had to get one too because it was just so amazing. She was not lying! This is probably the best money I have ever spent!" (Jessica Rabbit) Caroline  
"Excellent! I laughed my head off when my friend got me this but it is great. I'm now going to buy her one for her birthday. Ladies - be a true friend and get your best mate a rabbit for Christmas. Yay!" (Romping Rabbit)
Clare B.
"MMMmmm. I've had vibrators before but none even come close to this. Remember to start slowly though - too much too soon could blow your head off." (Nixe Silicone Rabbit) Vixen  
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