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Tips on how to use your rabbit


The key to getting the best out of your rabbit is experimentation. Take the time to play around with it when you're on your own and in the mood. Create a sexy atmosphere - have a nice leisurely bath, light a few candles & put on some nice music. Try reading some erotic fiction or dream of your ideal sexual fantasy - your imagination is the best sex enhancer there is. Taking time to pleasure yourself will benefit you more than just sexually. It's important for your general well being to pamper and spoil yourself from time to time.

By experimenting you'll find out what really turns you on. Everyone is different - and our bodies all respond differently at different times of the month. Most rabbits have separate rotation and vibration controls so you can try different levels of speed and strength to find out what you like. The rabbit's unique ability to stimulate both internal and external pleasure spots also mean that it's like having two different sex toys with two different functions.

The Rabbit vibrator is a great sex toy to use with your partner. Perhaps talk to them beforehand about using some kind of sex toy rather than whipping it out in the middle of the action - they might just take it the wrong way & feel that they're lacking or not satisfying you. The rabbit vibrator can enhance your sex life - you'll enjoy using it & your partner will get so turned on using it on you. Also they look funny so getting that out in the bedroom means your partner's not going to feel too threatened or intimidated by it.

Try using some kind of lubricant with your toy. This eases entry and can also feel very very nice. Although the rabbits are made of jelly or silicone and feel lovely, we all sometimes need a little bit of help to make it slip in with the utmost comfort. However, be sure to use the correct lubricant with your rabbit. Do NOT use silicone lubricant with a silicone rabbit - use a water based lubricant. And NEVER use vaseline with any kind of sex toy (most sex toys are made from some kind of petroleum jelly, like vaseline, so using them together can result in a sticky manky mess - Yuk!). See our lubricants section for any different kind of lubricant you will need.


Looking after your rabbit


Like any sex toy, you must keep your rabbit clean and safe. A lady's flower is a warm and wet place which, as we all know from our school biology lessons, is a rampant breeding ground for germs and other such nasties. So make sure that after you've used your rabbit, you clean it.

The best way to keep it nice and fresh is to wipe it down with a damp cloth. There are special sex toy cleaners on the market but to be honest a damp cloth is just as effective. With non-waterproof sex toys, ensure you don't get any dampness on the motor or electronic parts - only clean the jelly / silicone shaft and bunny ears.

Make sure you store your rabbit in a dry clean area - ideally wrapped in some kind of cloth or clingfilm or in a box. This way it's not going to attract too much dust so next time you get it out at the height of your best ever sexual fantasy, you won't have to trek to the bathroom to sponge it down & spoil the mood somewhat.

Some people like to use condoms with their rabbit vibrators. This is ideal if you want to use your toy anally as well as vaginally. Always change condoms when swapping from front to back bottom and visa versa. You don't want any germs setting up camp anywhere they shouldn't be! Also use a condom if you are sharing your rabbit - it's better to be safe than sorry.

Which rabbit is for you?


The Rabbit Vibrator is so called because of the little rabbit with long ears which vibrates to stimulate your clitoris. This combined with the rotating pearls inside the shaft (which is used internally) to stimulate the inside of the vagina, has become the basic design for what is now known generically as the Rabbit Vibrator. So of all the different rabbits on offer, which one is for you? Well, this basically comes down to how much you want to spend because they're all great. But although they all share the same basic design and functions they all differ in some way, be it material, speed or amount of functions.

The prices range from £12.95 for the Mini Rabbit Vibrator right up to £69.99 for the Slimline Decadence. At 3 inches long, the Mini Rabbit is ideal to carry with you in your bag or on holiday in case the mood takes you. It has just one speed whereas the Slimline Decadence has over 300 combinations of vibration, pulsation, rotation and escalation. The Slimline Decadence is for the Rabbit connoisseur - it's not the biggest of our range but it's certainly the most technologically advanced. A strengh and speed for every mood! The prices of all the other rabbits in our selection are within this range and all are priced depending on their amount of speed, functions and material.

The Paulchen Rabbit and the Nixe Rabbit are made from silicone (they also come with free lube & batteries). Silicone is long lasting easy to clean material which feels lovely. Over a long period of time the jelly sex toys may gradually wear away (we're talking a long long time - years & years) but the silicone toys will stay the same. It totally depends which you prefer the feel and look of. Many people prefer the jelly rabbits as they are lower priced and come in a wider variety of styles.

Some rabbits offer various other special features. The Water Bunny is waterproof so every bathtime can be funtime. The Ravenous Rabbit has extra long bunny ears for enhanced stimulation across the whole of the clitoral area (for the professional rabbit user!). The Ravenous Rabbit also has a delicious light fragrance. Some rabbits have inbuilt controls while some have a seperate control unit - like the Rabbit Pearl or the Blue Dolphin Vibrator. It is down to personal preference which is better.

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