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Rabbit Pearl Vibrator
Jessica Rabbit
Romping Rabbit
Water Bunny
Mini Rabbit Vibrator
Ravenous Rabbit
Nixe Silicone Rabbit
Paulchen Silicone Rabbit
Slimline Decadence
Ultra 7 Vibrator
Blue Dolphin Vibrator

Fun Stuff

The Love Calculator

Test your love for the person of your dreams to see if you're really meant to be together. If the results aren't quite what you want then try it with your middle names, nick-names, shortened versions of your first names.......


Bunny Game

See how steady your hand is after playing with your rabbit. This great game will test your patience and your accuracy. Turn the volume down if you're in the office - this one's quite noisy........


Find the Pussy

No not that kind! Test your memory by trying to remember all these cute kitty cats. Great for lovers of Tom Jones - but watch out, this is another noisy one........


Spank the Monkey

Again, probably not what you're thinking. See how hard you can spank this monkey. Very therapeutic.......






The Lip Store

US based online store selling lots of lovely lip shaped things.


UK Shop Online

The best shopping directory around.


Kitsch Shop

Retro and novelty gifts.


Portsmouth Driving Lessons

When you've done shopping for rabbit learn to drive with our friend here...


Agent Provocateur

Beautiful lingerie for beautiful people.



Bitching about celebs - fantastic!



Great prezzies for ladies.


New Woman

Gossip, fashion and great articles.


Playing Safely

Sexual health and all that jazz.



Thanks to more friends who have listed us here......

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